Imagine what it would be like to feel confident in all your money decisions.

Can you relate to any of these?

✔️ I spend a lot of money on travel. I love it but feel a bit guilty every time.

✔️ My (insert close person in your life) tells me I shouldn't buy that expensive (insert your favorite item) because it's a waste of money.

✔️ I get bored listening to financial talk, even though I know I should be monitoring my money.

✔️ I've never been able to stick to a budget and then I just feel shameful.

✔️ I avoid looking at my bank account. It makes me anxious.

Your emotional response to money is the key to changing your money habits and your financial future.

{FACT: You can feel UPLIFTED after a money conversation instead of shameful, guilty and heavy.}

(You've never talked about money like this before.)

Through 5 Modules of Videos and Exercises, you will learn:

You ARE going to be fine financially.
Why you think and act the way you do with your money (and how to make positive changes)

Increase Your Own Knowledge and Confidence in Money Topics

You CAN manage your money (despite what your inner critic may be telling you)

Think Entirely Differently about Money and Release Negative Emotions

There is a DIFFERENT way to look at money that doesn't leave you feeling in a defecit, demotivated and like you are fighting an uphill battle.

What if it's not really about a budget but thinking differently about spending and saving?

This the money method for women that you've never heard from any other financial advisor.

Do you feel like you think about money and financial decisions way differently than men? If so, that's a very accurate assessment of our financial world today - it was designed for men.

You CAN manage your money (despite what your inner critic may be telling you)

We all have "money baggage". Beliefs that were forged into us at an early age (or as adults) that limit our potential to see, know and trust our way around our finances.  

You ARE going to be ok financially. Learn to look at your financial picture feel good.

Take a new journey with your money that ends in confidence, comfort and validation that YOU are in control, wise and enjoying life the way you want to.

This program is designed to talk to you (so that you can also talk to other women) about money in an entirely new way.

You will learn:

  • How You May Have Been Thinking Wrong About Money 
  • How To Have a Relationship With Money (a great one!)
  • Money Scripts that Play Over and Over and How to Change Them
  • How To Be Wealthy Without Having a Lot of Money
  • Meaningful versus Meaningless Spending
  • What’s Holding You Back And How To Correct That
  • Flipping the Automatic Scripts in Your Brain to Make This Easy

(Isn’t it interesting I didn’t use words like 401k, Dow Jones or Compound Interest anywhere in that list? Because those are tactics and not the true method for lifelong prosperity.)

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Course Curriculum

  MODULE 1: How To Do This
Available in days
days after you enroll
Available in days
days after you enroll
  MODULE 2: Your Relationship With Money
Available in days
days after you enroll
  MODULE 3: Money and Values Are Forever Connected
Available in days
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  MODULE 4: Building a Mental Fortress Against Bad Money Decisions
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  MODULE 5: Hacking Your Way to Financial (Life) Success
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Hi, I’m Ed Vargo. Financial Advisor, Father of 5 Daughters, and Teacher of a Different Way To Talk With Women About Money.

Over the years of professional and personal experiences, I've learned that it isn't so much the math and formulas and systems as it is the relationship and emotions we have with money that shapes our financial future.

I want to set my daughters up for a different kind of wealth and I know we all want that for our kids.

This course paves the way to those conversations with women in every season of life.

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Attention Moms: We only have so many moments with our daughters.

This course was created not just for you, but to equip you with the knowledge and confidence to financially educate and influence your daughters.

You will be able to show them:

✪ Why it's important (and not boring!) to know about money

✪ How to make decisions together about spending choices

✪ Why budgeting as you know it is hard and how to change it up for both of you to be more successful

✪ How to walk into a store and make buying decisions you feel GOOD about

✪ What those thoughts are in your head about money and how to make them positive and empowering

✪ Why you feel the way you do when money becomes a topic

✪ Quick and easy steps for setting up the right, simple financial tools